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ISBPP 2023 The First International Seminar on Biology, Physiology and Pathophysiology

18 octobre 2023

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The First International Seminar on Biology, Physiology and Pathophysiology will focus on some scientific research areas, and aims to intervene the whole approach of the study of dysfunctions in the human and animal organism, with its multiple levels of integration. It will also provide an integrated view of cell pathology in the broad sense of a future research activity, testifying the diversity of approaches in this innovative field of research for biologists, as well as for physiologists. The common observation of endocrine disruptions and physiological dysfunctions encourages us to better reflect on our fate, but especially on the heavy future legacy that future generations will have. In this context, this international seminar aims to establish relations between Algerian and foreign researchers, and encourage the implementation of new research between research institutions and professionals. The purpose will be to contribute to the establishment of a strategy allowing to effectively solve cetain problems we are facing, while proposing better research strategies for good management, prevention and care.
Animal Biology and Physiology
Dietetics, Human Nutrition and Sport
Endocrine and metabolic regulations
Cellular pharmacology and toxicology
Bioactive molecules and alternative medicine
With the best regards of the seminar chair: Dr. Azdinia ZIDANE


Université Hassiba Benbouali de Chlef

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18 octobre
19 octobre 2023
Pôle universitaire Hassiba Benbouali de Chlef

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